I Digress

This year I’m doing my my absolute best not to overproduce anything. I can get pretty carried away by new ideas. For example, I have a red gradient set in my head that will include center stage, derby girls, a very cherry fluevog and some lighter shades of red. I bet you didn’t know the three were related.

I had a pile of aquae singles lying around though, so I thought I’d try out something totally old. I haven’t made variegated yarns in a few years.

I always find the process of making them repeatable rather tedious. These days I save the non-repeatable colors for fiber and for sock blanks.


When I first started dyeing yarn, I’d pour in dye solution over the top of a damp yarn – I’d kind of let it swim, strike and stir. Then I started wrapping and steaming the yarns in saran wrap, something I really don’t like very much, but put up with sometimes in dyeing fiber.

My last round of handpaints was done by pouring dye into yarn laid out in a square tub. This prevented pooling, but got pretty messy as it was hard to calculate the right amount of solution to use.


Last year sick of rusty crockpots and broken enamel, I started switching over to commercial grade food warmers.

I  have repeatable colorways and I have a good idea of what base dyes are required to get the shade I want. I wanted to try deconstructing my colorways and applying dry dye in layers. But instead, I got distracted and decided to use up some dyes that aren’t part of my repeatable color sets.

If I were to do it again, I’d apply a pale base color first. Anyway, there less than 20 skeins in all and each is unique. Grab ’em while you can. I’m planning to use the one with a skein of fremont to make High Priest of Rhythmic Noise by OrangeFishJelly Dram (Sarah Raasch).

From left to right: degas, limited edition, renoir, monet.

Here’s a an up close shot of renoir.



Swatches to be posted soon. Stay tuned.


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Hand-dyed, hand-painted and kettle-dyed sock yarns and fiber for knitters, crocheters and other crafters.

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