Rebranding and Show Schedule 2016


By now you have seen the new logo. My friend Jessica made it up for me and I am really happy with it. I know how much some of you liked the old rainbow, but it was heavily flawed.

The new logo has

  • larger font and is easier to read.
  • only one color and cheaper to print.
  • rendered in high-resolution.
  • easy to add color to.

The cool thing is all the things I get to do with it.


These were put together by two fellow etsy sellers, allthiswood and EveryAny by Haley B. Haley does amazing beadwork and this was cakework for her. They fit up to a US Size 5 needle, which is perfect for sock and shawl knitters.


And then there are these cute project bags. They are made from organic cotton.

They are $10, although if you spend $100 or more online, I will be adding one of the items mentioned above.

It wasn’t just about the logo. I needed a better marketing strategy. I sell a lot of yarn at festivals, but don’t pay near enough attention to the online market. This is silly as supposedly I’m an etsy seller. I also make more than I should and so it’s piling up around me.

At the imploring of a friend, I added two domain names (threefatesyarn and, cleaned up my instagram feed, learned how to hashtag properly, retooled the etsy site, and updated the blog. I also cleaned up my festival schedule and removed some smaller venues. It means I do more limited trunk shows and put in fewer local appearances. I needed to do this because I wasn’t managing my time well. I went up to 30 hours a week at my day job.

I still have trouble saying no, so I will be at the Salem Public Library with a small basket when Sivia Harding visits for our World Wide Knit in Public Day event on June 18. It is Sivia Harding after all and 10% of all proceeds go to supporting the library. I will also be appearing at Northwest Wools on July 1 for First Friday. (In between those is Black Sheep Gathering from June 24-26 at the Lane County Fair Grounds in Eugene. You can see how well my plans go in practice.

My show schedule for the year looks like this:

I had to let the Indie Untangled trunk show go. It was a blast. I felt crazy cool and I met amazing designers and industry people all weekend long. I’m sure it will grow. But packed in between the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival and Knit Fit! means too much time away from family. I may go again, but probably as a pure vacation and not this fall. My husband will be on sabbatical in a year or two – maybe I can do it then.


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Hand-dyed, hand-painted and kettle-dyed sock yarns and fiber for knitters, crocheters and other crafters.

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