I Digress


This year I’m doing my my absolute best not to overproduce anything. I can get pretty carried away by new ideas. For example, I have a red gradient set in my head that will include center stage, derby girls, a very cherry fluevog and some lighter shades of red. I bet you didn’t know the […]

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ten years of blogging


The blog is¬†about 10 years old. I know this because the age of the pages is showing up while I’ve been working on them for the last few hours. 2001-2007¬†involved following my spouse around the country and trying to figure out what to do with myself and how to hold myself together until we settled […]

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Rebranding and Show Schedule 2016


  By now you have seen the new logo. My friend Jessica made it up for me and I am really happy with it. I know how much some of you liked the old rainbow, but it was heavily flawed. The new logo has larger font and is easier to read. only one color and […]

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